Prawo cywilne

Our firm supports Clients in the area of broadly understood civil law, including legal matters related to obligation performance, compensation, payment disputes or ownership right matters. We provide legal advice, advise on and review the state of day-to-day matters, and provide professional help in conducting court disputes in civil matters.

If you have problems with your neighbours; if someone infringes your possession of property or otherwise makes it impossible for you to use it; if you want to rent a flat or buy a house; if you are having trouble recovering compensation for damaged or stolen property; if you were involved in a car accident and the insurer hasn’t satisfied your claims to a sufficient extent; if someone refuses to pay the remuneration or contract price that are due to you; if a shop refused to accept your complaint; if your counterparty fails to properly perform a contract; if you have problems in other areas of you everyday life connected with the legal relations between people and entrepreneurs – contact us, we will help you solve your problems.