Spory sądoweWe advise our Clients in disputes, represent them before common courts and the Supreme Court, as well as conducts mediation talks on their behalf.

Below we present only a general overview of the cases we offer support in, which is why we recommend you to contact us directly with your case, for which our lawyers will determine the scope of necessary legal support and establish a further action plan.

We represent our Clients in civil disputes, including cases of personal interest infringement, compensation and remedy, payment, infringement of ownership or proprietary rights, settlement of expenditures on real estate, inheritance and matters regarding claims resulting from contracts.

We support our Clients in pre-litigation negotiations, throughout the litigation process and at the stage of execution of claims.

The infringement of intellectual property rights, both in the area of the author’s moral rights and the economic rights of the entitled entity, is currently very common. Plagiarism, the dissemination of work or their studies without the author’s consent, manufacturing counterfeit products or infringing a patent, unauthorised use of personal image, breaching the conditions of using the object of the copyright (e.g. software license), and many other forms of infringement require taking steps that lead to the protection of Clients’ interests and rights.

We support our Clients in disputes regarding intellectual property rights, both at the pre-litigation stage and in court (also in proceedings to secure claims and informational proceedings). We provide advice to our Clients with regard to the assessment of evidence and litigation strategy.

If you think that someone is infringing your intellectual property rights or you have received an intellectual property infringement cease and desist letter (or a lawsuit) – contact us. We will give you the support you need and answer all your questions.

For natural persons who are not entrepreneurs, corporate disputes can undoubtedly be a challenge and a good reason to use the services of professional advisors. Also disputes of a managerial nature must be conducted properly and professionally.

If you are a manager whose contract is not performed by the entity you cooperate with; if you bought or inherited shares or stocks and you don’t know how to act and supervise the situation in the company; if the remaining shareholders want to buy your shares by force; if the decisions in the company are taken without you having a say – contact us. We will give you the support you need and answer all your questions.