Biznes rodzinny

We provide comprehensive legal services to your family business, regardless of its form.

We provide ongoing support in your everyday affairs and needs, including corporate services. A lawyer who knows your overall family and legal situation is able to give you sounder and faster advice in crisis situations that you may encounter when running a business.

We prepare, review and negotiate agreements (including trade contracts); we conduct legal audits and analyses, after which we implement the right solutions and internal procedures, which will facilitate or secure the legal situation of your family business.

We will also advise you on your property matters, including planning the successions of your family business, by selecting the legal options and tools for securing the company after your passing.

Family business may also sometimes entail disputes with family members (including inheritance matters), counterparties, competitors, clients, bank or insurer. If the need arises, we will also support you in potential litigations and mediation talks.

To receive our firm’s comprehensive legal advisory support, we encourage you to use our Private Lawyer service.

Contact us. We will advise you, help solve problems and, most of all, we will provide you with the support you need, so that you can focus on your business, not its legal aspects.