Prawnik Twojej rodziny

We all face situations in life when we need the assistance of a professional adviser, who will not only help us solve the problems at hand, but is often able to prevent the risk of their occurrence.

If you need ongoing support in your everyday affairs, the Private Lawyer service is for you. A lawyer who knows your overall family and legal situation is able to give you sounder and faster advice in crisis situations.

In the Private Lawyer service, we offer comprehensive legal services to your closest family. We will support and advise you in everyday legal matters, including those related to your profession or family issues. We also advise on property matters, including succession planning. If you have shares or stocks, we will provide you with corporate advisory services and show you the ins and outs of intra-company relationships. We will also support you in court disputes, if necessary.

The services of lawyers do not have to be expensive. Use our general services or support packages, which allow you receive general legal assistance and contract analysis. It is you who selects the scope of our services.

You are planning to buy a house or a car; you want to enter into a contract; you are having problems with the bank related to the repayment of your mortgage or settling for other bank products; you are having trouble with your insurer who refuses to pay out compensation that is due to you; you are experiencing family conflict resulting from an inheritance; your complaint about a faulty product, improper service or a family package holiday was not accepted – contact us. We will provide you with legal support and answer all your questions.

You can also use our E-Consultation service, which you will find in the Products section.