Barchan Legal

Barchan Legal’s activities are an innovative formula of a legal firm that renders services using the most current IT solutions. We regularly implement solutions and technological novelties that not only enhance our business processes, but also increase our Clients’ satisfaction and enable us to offer new forms of providing legal services.

Clients and their needs are the centre of our attention. Clients’ problems and aims become ours, and solving or achieving them is what drives our joint activities. Our services are not only the engagement and time we spend on performing a service, but most of all the value delivered to our Clients. We want to be a trusted advisor, not merely a service provider.

Our values

our values

What we do?

Barchan Legal offers a broad range of specialist legal services in i.a.: , intellectual property rights, IT and new technologies law, civil law, contract law, commercial and company law, corporate services, commercialisation of scientific research results, as well as ongoing legal services for entrepreneurs.

We have gained our experience rendering services to Polish and foreign Clients. We are professionals and strive to provide the highest quality of services, which earns us the trust of our Clients. Our expertise and cooperation with specialists in many areas of law allows us to provide comprehensive support to entrepreneurs, associations and foundations, but also public finance entities.

We provide comprehensive legal advisory to entrepreneurs, including start-ups, we offer support in establishing, business development and day-to-day company matters. Business requires practice and is an everyday struggle for the achievement of goals. We understand that and actively support our Clients in running their businesses. We minimise the unnecessary theoretical aspect of advisory services and give clear and comprehensible counsel.

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Providing services

We usually respond to enquiries regarding our services within 1-2 business days. If the response requires any additional information, we contact the Client and specify the main project assumptions and scope of the expected support. We also determine the manner and date of providing a full response to the enquiry (e.g. a dedicated offer presented in the purchasing/legal department or an offer sent via e-mail). We kindly ask you to provide the exact contact details in the enquiry (a direct e-mail address and phone number).

The model of services we provide is selected by and adjusted to the needs of the Client. We offer both day-to-day advisory services or project-based support, and provide single services, such as short consultations or court representation for a single court hearing.

After establishing the conditions (including the date and hour) of a given service, we start its delivery: specify the details of the project (at a meeting, by conference call or in a Q&A session), provide the actual ordered service and, optionally, conduct a follow-up with Client’s comments and further works on the project. In the case of ongoing services, this process is faster due to the fact that we know the Client’s expectations and current state of affairs.

We provide services in Polish and English, however, we do not translate documents, including documents drawn up or amended by us in any of these languages. As regards translations from/into Polish and English (or any other language), after making appropriate arrangements with the Client, we can commission the translation to a specialist agency we cooperate with.

We communicate with our Clients at in-person meetings, but also by e-mail and phone, tele- and video-conference calls (Skype, Microsoft Teams), as well as Internet communicators. Our services are also available in the form of E-Consultations and E-Negotiations.

The settlements for our services are adapted to the needs and expectations of Clients. Our remuneration (for services other than litigation matters) can be a/an:

  • hourly rate,
  • hourly settlement with a cap,
  • flat fee for a part or the whole of the ordered service,
  • in the form of a subscription,
  • in other forms, including a mix of the above settlement options.

In case of hourly rates, settlements are calculated for each started 6- or 15-minute period of the lawyer’s working time (depending on the type of project and arrangements with the Client). Payment deadlines are established for each Client individually.

We care about ensuring the confidentiality and appropriate protection of all personal data we have access to, as well as any other data and materials we are provided in the course of rendering services to our Clients. This information is a professional secret, regulated by relevant laws. We process personal data in accordance with the Polish and EU law.