• własność intelektualna

    Intellectual property

    We specialise in copyright, trademarks, know-how and the commercialisation of the results of scientific research. We draw up and negotiate agreements, as well as represent Clients in potential disputes.

  • Oprogramowanie

    IT/TMT and new technologies

    We specialise in IT/TMT agreements, cloud computing, computer games and e-sport. We audit licences, including open-source ones. We represent Clients in disputes.

  • umowy i negocjacje

    Contracts and contract negotiations

    We prepare, issue opinions on and negotiate contracts, as well as represent Clients in disputes connected with contracts. We ensure ongoing contract management.

  • Spory sądowe

    Court disputes

    We represent our Clients before courts in commercial matters and cases connected with intellectual property rights, including copyrights.

  • E-commerce i dane osobowe

    E-commerce and personal data

    We prepare terms of service and contractual conditions for the e-commerce industry. We advise on personal data protection.

  • Brand i wizerunek

    Brand and image

    We advise on brand and image protection. We develop internal brand management policies. We draw up and negotiate agreements.

  • Spółki i prawo gospodarcze

    Companies and commercial law

    We register and assist in the transformation of trade companies. We ensure day-to-day corporate advisory services, including commercial law.

  • Strefa start-up


    We provide comprehensive legal advisory services to start-ups. We prepare, develop and negotiate agreements with investors.

  • Obsługa bieżąca

    Ongoing services

    We offer entrepreneurs comprehensive legal advisory services on day-to-day matters, including disputes, corporate and contract matters.

  • Biznes rodzinny

    Family business

    We ensure comprehensive legal advisory services for family businesses, including corporate management, trade contracts and dispute resolution.

  • Legal compliance

    We prepare and implement internal policies and procedures for entrepreneurs. We review the compliance of regulations and procedures with the law in force.

  • Szkolenia


    We conduct trainings and workshops in the areas we specialise in, including intellectual property rights and IT/TMT law.