OprogramowanieOne of the key businesses of the firm is IT/TMT law and supporting Clients in the broadly understood area of software, digital technologies, AI or telecommunication services.

We support our Clients in all matters connected with this area of law and business, especially in the process of the company’s digital transformation. Below you will find a detailed description of the areas in which we will gladly provide you with our support.

We prepare and negotiate IT contracts, including deployment, maintenance and development agreements, integration contracts, licenses, contracts transferring authors’ economic rights to software, X-as-a-Service agreements, General License Terms, pre-implementation analysis contracts, body-leasing agreements and many others.

We have broad expertise in on-premise and cloud software deployment in waterfall and agile (including scrum) methodologies. We conducted projects of the deployment of standard and dedicated solutions (e.g. mobile applications or custom-made software), as well as those based on open-source solutions.

Thanks to our practical knowledge and experience we can provide our Clients with comprehensive IT project services, from participating in business talks, through analysing, preparing and negotiating contracts, to project execution and follow-up. In cases of conflict, including project failure, we provide support with regard to mediation and court representation, also before arbitration courts.

We prepare and implement agreement templates and general licensing terms or service conditions. We review these documents in order to adjust them to the Client’s current needs and to the changing business and organisational conditions.

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We prepare and negotiate agreements for the provision of telecommunication services, including colocation agreements, line lease, network access or hosting. We create model contracts, general service agreements and terms of service. We analyse and review the above services.

Our firm supports its Clients in the area of cloud-based solutions. We audit the cloud solution use conditions, as well as review the conditions of their application in public, private and hybrid clouds. We prepare, review and negotiate X-as-a-Service agreements, including SaaS, PaaS and IaaS. We develop SLAs, regulations and terms of service.

License agreement conditions may pose a serious problem for license holders and software end‑users. Moreover, external software audits conducted by licensors or entities indicated by them are more and more common. Their aim is to review the level and scope in which the licensee uses the software, and in cases of non-compliance with the conditions of the purchased license – charging appropriate penalties.

Responding to our Clients’ expectations, we offer you advisory services for conducting internal license audits (before entering into agreements and in the course of their execution), as well as support during audits performed by licensors or entities authorised by them. In cases of external audits, we ensure legal support in preparing and negotiating agreements for conducting such an audit, as well as in communicating with the auditor and licensor.

Software made available in the open-source model and other so-called free licenses plays a great part in the development and exploitation of both standard and dedicated solutions. However, using a part of the code or library licensed in the above manner in one’s own solution is connected with certain obligations, including the risk of using the solution on the basis of a viral license (e.g. GNU GPL). Observing these requirements is not only the license holder’s obligation, but is also important in view of a more and more common trend outside of Poland – disputes initiated by entities entitled to open-source software.

We offer day-to-day advisory services in this area. We analyse the conditions of open-source licenses and issue opinions on any matters and problems related to the possibility of applying open-source solutions in Clients’ IT projects. We also provide assistance in the resolution of disputes arising in connection with using open-source software.

Our advisory services include supporting Clients throughout the process of the development, distribution and promotion of computer, flash, gaming console, mobile and VR games. We provide assistance in drawing up and negotiating contracts to authors, publishers, developers and gaming platforms. We provide our Clients with ongoing advisory services for gaming projects and support in potential litigation.

Being fans of computer games ourselves, we support people engaged in the development of this sports discipline. We provide advisory services to e-sport players, team and clubs participating in tournaments. We prepare and negotiate players’ and sponsorship contracts. We assist Clients in disputes related to the failure to perform or improper performance of contracts.

Our firm also provides advisory services to software houses. We ensure comprehensive assistance for their business, including ongoing services and IT law support. We prepare contracts with counterparties and conduct negotiations on our Clients’ behalf. We provide support in dispute resolution, including court disputes, connected with the execution of concluded contracts and the protection of intellectual property rights.

Apart from IT projects, we pay particular attention to technological innovations, including those implemented under Internet of Things and Smart City solutions, electronic contracts or payments using technologies such as blockchain (smart contract, crypto-currencies).

We advise on the development and implementation of innovative solutions; we ensure assistance in the commercialisation, use and development of new technologies; we draw up, review and negotiate contracts for the implementation and use of innovative solutions, including those utilising AI.

Our firm supports the Clients in building a strategy for the protection of software rights and in conducting mediations and litigations. Please see the “Services” section to learn more about our specialisation in court disputes regarding intellectual property rights.